Drop Tester
Small Objective Drop Tester


Small Objective Drop Tester

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  1. 可依用戶需求訂製其他尺寸台面
  2. 標準型推力為200 kgF,可選購至1,600 kgF

Type KD-208
Products Testing of Mobile phones, batteries, PDA, digital camera and other hand-held communications and IT product.
Size: 30mm ~ 220mm; or customized special sizes. Maximum test weight: 5Kg
Test height Simple-drop type: 700 ~ 2000mm; guided-drop type: 350 ~ 2000mm
Machine structure Enhanced structural design: supported by multi-parallel columns; use precision screw rod to drive jig.
Level adjustment Digital-type height adjustment (accuracy to 1mm)
Fall way
  1. Simple-drop type: test piece makes free-fall drop from test height.
  2. Guided-drop type: test pieces makes free-fall drop under fixture-assisted condition.
Landing means
  1. Free bounces after landing until stationary.
  2. Single landing; only allow for landing impact; and use sponge to prevent flip and bounce.
Floor type Steel plate; in order to comply with different norms it can install extra cement board, wood or carpet at any time.
Fall angle Adjust the test direction of specimens that allow testing specimens in any direction (angle, corner line or surface).
Buffer device High absorption hydraulic buffer
Tester size 850L×1200D×2450H mm
Test Height(mm) 35 ~ 1,800, 35 ~ 2,000
Weight < 340 kg
Control cabinet size 600L×500D×1060H mm
Control cabinet weight < 70 kg
Power required 220V/10A, single phase
Air pressure required 5~7
Accessories Pressure-accumulating bottle