Shock Test

Shock test

Accredited range
Optimum range
Shock test
The maximum acceleration is 5-200 g peak. The maximum acceleration is 10000 g peak
Time interval is 2~16 ms
The maximum acceleration is 500 g peak Time interval is 0.1~50 ms
The maximum acceleration is 500 g peak Time interval is 0.1~50 ms

What is the shock test?

The main purpose of making a shock test is to ensure the damage to a product's structure under sudden impact of external force. By means of analyzing the test data acquired from the test, we thus can realize the product's structural strength withstanding the external shock exerted to it

What is the benefit of making shock test?

We can apply the shock test to simulate the shock effect encountered of equipment and parts during the application or transporting process. The test is to realize that while the specimen is under mechanical impact, the mechanical structure vulnerability and character decay states of product, applied to verify the product's mechanical vulnerability and character decay and thus we can modify the respective supporting structure and analyze material characters. But how to distinguish the vibration and shock? Basically, a vibration is a normal & constant process, whereas the shock is an instant, temporary energy exchange; they are two different tests yet with certain connection in test result
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