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Service is the most reliable promises KDI offers to clients.

KDI persists in providing full service to customers and reaching their full satisfaction. And we stick on offering high-quality and technological services to our customers.

The post-sales service always will influence the subsequent convenient operation of equipment. We offer perfect maintenance program, professional service personnel and rapid maintenance service to customers. In addition, we also offer free-charge technical consultancy on test specification that can offer you high-quality and high-accuracy tests that allow you to perform a no-worry operation of equipment.
1. Regular Maintenance

The items of regular operation are many; but the maintenance items required by vibration testes are mostly the same. We would like to one-by-one introduce the items under regular operation here. Many regular maintenance items are hard to get damaged under normal operation and we only need to check them from equipment; the items contain the air-bellow damping seat, cooling fan, air compressor, coil, level sensor, airflow sensor, accelerometer, signal wire, controller, slip table, vibration platform, power indicator, signal indicator, hydraulic pump, steering system, chassis structure, bearing, oil tube, temperature detecting system and amplifying system, etc. these equipments or devices need to be adjusted or replaced only after they are inspected to get damaged or abnormal already.

Some maintenance items are to be lubricated or dust-removed after the maintenance period is due; such as screws, punch head and fuse, etc. The air-inlet filter net needs to be cleaned per month; the dust-shielding cover and rubber at supporting air chamber need to be renewed per year; the wear-out and clearance of coil spindle and bearing need to be checked & adjusted per year. The lube oil of slip table shall be renewed per period; the suggested period of renewing the lube oil is once per month. All items shall be checked per annual maintenance, which shall include the cleaning work of equipment too.

2. Cost of Performing Regular Maintenance

Except considering the price and performance of equipment in purchasing a vibrator, the critical issue is to care about the post-sales condition and how to calculate the regular maintenance cost. When you plan to buy equipment you must inquire the related maintenance cost information from the sales first as to avoid that outstanding maintenance or repair costs are charged from it.

Under the long-term competition among local vendors, the maintenance and repair cost standards vary; maintenance/repair cost for imported equipment is at least twice more than local one; and the required time is triple or more. If you procure King Design products, except having cheaper maintenance/repair cost and shorter time spent, you also can have discount or even free lab test service for equipment maintenance or repair.

Using maintenance to replace repair is the best way of ensuring equipment’s long-term operation. The regular maintenance cost is far less than the repair cost. Most maintenance only needs easy checks or lubrication; the cost is so insignificant by comparing to repairs that need to change parts and relevant.

3. Conclusion

In brief, the ultimate goal of regular maintenance is to let equipment achieve its best condition. And maintenance items can be adjustable depending on the status of use. It is not so unchangeable that you have to fully follow the maintenance manual to replace parts. Technicians rely on their professional experience and expertise to decide how to perform a regular maintenance in a most cost-effective way. As long as you can perform maintenance on schedule, you can secure the equipment’s lifetime and have it show the best mechanical performance.