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KING DESIGN was founded in 1983, a world-famous own brand manufacturer of testing equipments in the field of vibration, shock, drop, solar cell and environmental test, which providing total solutions of test and measurement instruments, as well as custom made one-stop systems for various technology industries. With more than 30 years of relative experiences, King Design has been a solid expert and highly respected market leader.
King Design - Drop Tester

Drop Tester

Drop tester is applied to test the anti-drop, covering-protection capability of packaging material, or product’s impact-resisting capability to determine the improvement parts of related packing design, material and structure. It contribute to promote the packing material and product’ strength. According to the result of packing drop test, you can judge whether the product has reach the required strength encountered in future. Through doing the drop testing of product independently, you’ll know its affordability to withstand external impact and assess the damage.

King Design - Others


For customers to solve product measurement and related design improvement services

King Design - PV Test Equipment

PV Test Equipment

KING DESIGN INDUSTRIAL has invested in developing various types of PV solar test equipment to meet the needs of manufactures, as well as accredited laboratories, of solar cell and PV modules. Our test equipment guarantees that the processing of cells and modules meet international quality standards. KDI is also an internationally qualified supplier with IEC testing Equipment.

King Design - Shock Tester

Shock Tester

Shock or bump test mainly simulate the impact effects of product and its components encountered in usage and transit process. Through standard and high-reproducibility instant energy exchange, you can analyze the product ability to tolerate the strong external stress and the degradation of structural weaknesses to quickly obtain the data of structure strength, anti-shock appearance and anti-drop. Shock tester is one of destructive experiments, and do destructive test on the product to evaluate the product reliability and monitor the consistency of production line.

King Design - Special Design

Special Design

We accept the customer for the relevant test and measurement system of customer design

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King Design - Vibration Tester

Vibration Tester

Help to know the reflected condition of all types of product, structure and device in vibration environment, and avoid unpredictable damage in vibration condition for a long time. The test can fully indicate the continuity and fatigue of the product and be used to find mutual effects of related structure. To ensure your product can endure the vibration in transit or usage process in the life cycle reaching the required standard of the design and function. KING DESIGN INDUSTRIAL Electromagnetic vibration tester has such advantages: wide frequency vibration response, high precision control, various waveforms can be simulated, great extendibility, easy operate and maintain.