Carton Pressure-resisting Test

Carton Pressure-resisting Test

Pressure-resisting test
The test speed is 5-100mm/min adjustable
Dynamic fatigue analysis
2000kgs load

What is the carton's pressure-resisting test?

Since goods are mostly under stacking status under storage or transportation stage, the bottom product in a stack would bear the weight loading on it and might be deformed or damaged from it. Therefore, we need to figure out the compression-resisting ability and protecting performance of the packing container and the respective product's damage trend under certain pressing weight, surrounding condition and time being condition through it. This test is an important item to decide if the protection package is suitable or not. The stacking status can be tested by the carton packing material pressure or by actual stacking process.

What is the benefit of carton pressure- resisting test?

The carton pressure-resisting test is helpful in designing the product package by considering the surrounding pressure status into the design. The said test can assist user determining if the package strength could meet the required level and improve it if not.
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