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King Design is an expert on vibration and shock technologies; In addition to providing testing technologies, we also provide technical advices to customers and project improving program to upgrade them. We help the industry establish a quality assurance system; improve manufacturer’s process and increase the yield percentage; and create quality and reliability value. These services make us obtain customer’s interest and trustfulness. Our project-to-improve team provides fast and effective problem-solving programs, personnel training and a series of comprehensive education and training courses on vibration / shock / drop / stress screening / vibration analysis and etc. we thus provides the industry a more convenient access to acquire required information.

Purpose:1.Reduce both production and maintenance costs.

2.Increase the package verifying effort; avoid interior damage of function or appearance after goods are received.

3.Promote product’s reliability and overall profit; increase customer’s confidence to products.

Benefit:1.Reduce the non-conforming percent of products.

2.Upgrade product’s reliability. (λ↓)

3.Greatly elevate the MTBF of products. (MTBF↑)(MTBF)

4.Save manufacturing & maintenance costs.

5.In R&D stage it can help early discover design, parts or process problem; upgrade engineering reliability and shorten study time.

6.Effectively screen out potential defects of product.

Value: Technical Aspect

1.Offer advantaged design skill against market competition.

2.Discover and correct vulnerable point of design and inferiority of parts procured.

3.Reduce design circulation time.

4.Help pass the quality certification test stage.

5.Increase the design strength of product.

Quality Aspect:

1.Promote quality & reliability.

2.Upgrade design quality.

3.Constantly improve process.

4.Help remove potential defects.

5.Find out related quality & reliability problems on manufacturing process.

6.Help removing potential design & process defects before shifting to customer.

Market Aspect:

1.Obtain a high investment reward.

2.Increase profits.

3.Mature products and reduce R&D costs.

4.Maintain the key factor against future market competition.。

5.Reduce contract-obtaining cost.

6.Reduce the R&D, production and deploying costs.

7.About 5 ~ 10% down on the outline cost in response of the total lifetime of general electronic products.

8.About 25 ~ 35% down on the outline cost in response of the total lifetime of complex electronic products.

9.Increase the added value (such as quality or the cost of guarantee period, etc).

Specification followed:MIL-STD-2164





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