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King Design was founded in April, 1983, does major business in tele-Communication Testing Instrument, provides the QC instrument to Domestic Market manufactures. Since then, King Design started to work for the business with domestic famous enterprises and felt the quality of product was very important factor of customer satisfaction, and in order to maintain the customers' satisfaction, we should not only focus on the function of product but also should increase the reliability of the product. Upon the factors in the reliability issue, the Vibration and Shock are the key factor of the issues. So King Design decides to involve in the Vibration & Shock related-equipment Development.   Our goals are 1. Professional Technique, 2. Best Quality, 3. Best Service, and 4. Total satisfaction. King Design will be devoted to the goal and provides the customer with the best service to establish Long-term relationship with enterprises, in creating the Best Quality Image of Made In Taiwan (MIT).

In April, 1983 KING DESIGN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was found in Taipei for major business of the tele-communication Testing Instrument sale, manufacturing, and development.
In Feb, 1985 We introduced a 1st generation of mechanical Vibration Simulator.
In May, 1988 We developed and self-introduced a first-generation EM Shaker system.
In May, 1988 We Found a Vibration Laboratory.
In July, 1989 We moved to a new plant for business expansion.
In July, 1990 We introduced an Air-Bump shock System.
In Jan., 1991 We successfully expanded sales to Global Market and built up King Design's public praise.
In May, 1992 We introduced an Environment Stress Screening (ESS) System.
In Feb., 1993 We introduced a Free Fall Shock System and a Three-Axis Shock Analyzer system.
In June, 1994 We introduced an on-line screen shaker to reach to the factory's total quality control and uplift the products' reliability from the past laboratory results in the shaker market and such a demand, thereby increasing the entire level of product manufacturing in Taiwan.
In June, 1997 KING DESIGN designed and researched an acceleration sensor together with the Measurement Standard Center of Industrial Technology Research Institute.
In June, 1998 KING DESIGN designed and researched an active shaker control system together with the Mechanical Industry Research Laboratories of Industrial Technology Research Institute.
In April, 1998 KING DESIGN was certified by a certification system of the Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation to found a first national laboratory run privately.
In Nov., 1999 KING DESIGN passed ISO Certification
In July, 2000 Free-fall shock system won the "Good Design" Prize.
In May, 2001 Electromagnetic high-frequency shaker won the "Good Design" Prize.