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1.Vibration test
2.Shock test
3.Drop test
4.Jumping test
5.Dynamic analysis
7.Temperature & humidity test
8.Carton pressure-resisting test
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EM High Frequency Vibrating Tester

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Model No. EM-1000F2K-50N250 EM-600F2K-40N120
Type of vibration sinusoidal, random, impact simulation sinusoidal, random, impact simulation
Frequency range 1~2000 Hz 2~3000 Hz
Maximum acceleration 66 g(No Payload) 50 g(No Payload)
Maximum displacement 50 mm 40 mm
Maximum load 250 kg 120 kg
Maximum size of test object 600 mm × 600 mm 600 mm × 600 mm
Test direction vertical and horizontal vertical and horizontal

Shock Tester

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Model No. DP-1200-60 DP-1200-25
Executable waves half sine wave, square wave, saw-tooth wave half sine wave, square wave, saw-tooth wave
Measurable channels 4 channels (1 for control +3 for measurement) 4 channels (1 for control +3 for measurement)
Table size 600 × 600 mm 250 × 250 mm
Peak acceleration 500 g (accommodate the impact amplifier the peak acceleration can be up to 3000g) 250 g
Measuring software TP-3、DAS-105 TP-3、DAS-105

Vibrator KD-9363EM-1000F2K-50N120 (for pallet)

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Testing Frequency 1 to 4000Hz
Maximum Displacement 0 to 50mm(peak-peak)
Maximum Acceleration 50g Peak
Pallet Loading 400kgw

Compound High-frequency Vibration Tester KD-9363EM-400F2K30N80

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Maximum thrust 400gF
Frequency range 2~2000Hz
Maximum Acceleration 30g
Maximum displacement 30mm
Maximum speed 190cm/sec
Maximum load 80kgw
Box internal size 50× 55× 75 cm
Test temperature -40 ℃ ~120℃
Test humidity RH15% ~ 98%

Packaged drop tester-KD-128A

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Model No. KD-128A
Swing arm type Single arm
Executable fall height 300 ~ 1300 mm
Maximum test load 80 kg
Maximum test volume 1400(w) × 600(d) mm
Buffer means Hydraulic buffer
Control means Wire control

Large Object Drop Tester KD-500

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Model No. KD-500
Swing arm type Multi-arm type
Executable fall height 10~800mm
Maximum test load 300 kg
Maximum test volume 1300(w) × 1150(d) mm
Buffer means Hydraulic buffer
Control means Wire control, PLC circuit control

Small Object Drop Tester KD-208

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Test waveform TP3 /DAS-105 measurement sine wave
Bottom Size 1100 × 850 mm
Maximum load 10 kgw
Test height 0~1800 mm

Thermal Shock Tester TSK-B5C+RAMP

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Model No. TSK-A4H++
Maximum volume 500 × 400 × 400 mm
High temperature 150 ℃
Low temperature -65 ℃
Temperature recovering time ≦ 5 min.

Constant Temperature & Humidity Tester THS-D4C-150

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Model No. THS-D4H+-150
Maximum volume 100 × 80× 100 mm
High temperature 150 ℃
Low temperature -45 ℃
Test temperature RH15% ~ 98%

Constant Temperature & Humidity Tester TMJ-9712C

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Model No. TMJ-9712C
Maximum temperature change rate 1℃/min
Maximum volume 950 × 750 × 1000 mm
High temperature 100 ℃
Low temperature -40 ℃
Humidity 10% ~ 95% RH

Thermal Shock TesterTMJ-9709

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Mode No. TMJ-9709
Maximum temperature change rate 5-minute average temperature
Maximum volume 500 × 400 × 400 mm
High temperature 150 ℃
Low temperature -50 ℃
Executable specification CHS,MIL,IEC,JIA and other international standards

Bump Tester KD-163-500-25H

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Test Waveform Sine wave
Table size 6000 × 600 mm
Test range m/s2(g) mS
100(10) 16
150(15) 6
250(25) 6
400(40) 6
1000(100) 2

Accelerometer Calibration System

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Accelerometer Calibration System
Test equipment Test range
Accelerometer Calibration System
Voltage sensitivity: 0.1mV/g to 1,000 mV/g
Calibrate frequency point:
50 Hz
100 Hz
300 Hz
500 Hz

Cover-flip tester

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Start angle 5~90o (angle toward bottom’s horizontal direction is 0 o)
End angle 90~180o (angle toward bottom’s horizontal direction is 0 o)
Maximum acceleration 30g
Open speed (Deg/s)(Deg/s) Setting range 0~150o/S
Close speed (Deg/s) Setting range 0~150o/S
Open-pause time 0~999(sec)
Close-pause time 0~999(sec)
Executable Maximum laptop size 310 mm(L) × 420 mm(W)

Pressure test

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Load 2000kg
Testing speed 5~100mm/min
Maximum sample size 100 cm(L) × 100 cm(W)

Laser Doppler dynamic analyzer

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Testing frequency 0 to 20k Hz
Distance Measurement 30m
Measurement points Above 1,000 points