Drop Tester
Air-arm-type Drop KD-128A


Air-arm-type Drop

All new developing products must undergo several strict testing processes while in designing, manufacturing and packing/ shipping even. Our drop tester will provide data digitizing and analyzing of your drop and striking while the products in transportation. The testing data will help you improve the packing and buffer materials.
Packaged drop test is applied to test the anti-vibration & covering capability of packaging material and the sufficiency of product’s impact-resisting capability regarding packaged products. And use the test result to determine how to improve the packaging design. Free drop test is used to assess the characteristics of product’s free fall from improper actions; and evaluate the required strength and toughness of product under safety conditions.
Repeated free fall test is to simulate object’s condition after normal fall to hard surface.
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Type KD-128A
Bottom plate size (mm) 850 x 1,260
Testing height (mm) 300 ~ 1300 mm
300 ~ 1800 mm
300~ 2000 mm
Peak Load(kg) 60 / 80 / 100
Buffer Device Hydraulic Buffer
Level Control Method By Line Control
Outline Dimension (mm) 850 x 1560 x 2250
850 x 1560 x 2750
850 x 1560 x 2950
Weight (kg) 450
Electrical Requirement 220 V 1f / 5A
Air Pressure Requirement 6