PV Test Equipment
Terminal Box Knock Out Tester

Terminal Box Knock Out Tester

Since the solar panels and power junction box are exposed to the sun and rain, therefore, if junction box can sustain for several years or even several decades without damaged and maintain normal supply of electricity, it will become critical equipment for the solar power parts manufacturers making quality assurance testing to their commodities.
A. Junction box seam-removing rack
  1. Flat rod 6.4mmx38mm L.
  2. A fixed seat.
B. Technical Document
  1. Flat rod 6.4mmfx38mm L.
  2. Load weight 44.5N
  3. All materials are made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel.
  4. Bottom is built by 20mm-square matrix of M8 holes.
  5. Need extra L-shape fixture and 10 pieces of M8 screws.
  6. 20x20mm square column.
  7. Percent table and fixed seat
  8. A screwdriver
Attachment: Timer