Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic analysis

Laser Doppler Frequency: 0~20k Hz; distance measure: 30m; and points measured, above 1000 points.

What is the dynamic analysis?

Each single structure has its own natural frequency, module state and damper ratio, and we should keep off the natural frequency to avoid resonance occurred to the structure while designing it. The laser Doppler scanner can display and store the product's structure by snapshot film and makes data analysis on it.

What is the benefit of dynamic analysis?

In the structure vibration analysis process, we would make special attention on how to keep off the resonant phenomenon. The said resonance is the phenomenon that while the external force exerting frequency is equal or approaching to the structure's body natural frequency, the body vibration response will be amplified. The dynamic analysis made by the laser Doppler would be helpful on improving the product's body resonance and reinforcing its structure strength.