Temperature & Humidity Test

Temperature & humidity test

Accredited range
Optimum range
Temperature test
-25°C~+100°C -40°C~+120°C
Humidity test
10%RH~95%RH 20%RH~95%RH
Temperature vibration test
Below +100°C Below +120°C
Thermal impact

What is the temperature & humidity test?

We can use the temperature & humidity test to determine the suitability of parts, equipment or other electric products stored or operated under high R.H. and circulated temperature change environment; check the thermal-withstanding limit of the product body and structure damaged state made by extreme temperature and humidity.

What is the benefit of making temperature & humidity test?

We can define the thermal limit of products through this test; inform consumers the thermal limitation in production application and the respective product lifetime. Products applied within the defined temperature & humidity environment should not become failure.