PV Test Equipment
OPV/DSC/Perovskite IV measurement System

OPV/DSC/Perovskite IV measurement System

The system can measurement the 3rd generation of solar cell IV performance.
The system patent with eliminate capacity effect that can ensure the test repeatability coincidence.
  • touch panel
  • measure cell Pmax; Voc; Isc; IV curve….
  • The system must use steady state solar simulator.
  • With a shutter controller that can generate long and flat pulse.
Model Name OPV / DSC / Perovskite IV measurement System
Voltage / current range ±10 V / ±100 mA (four quadrant source measure)
resolution 10 µV
Compliance SEMI PV57
interface USB
external dimension 280 mm × 315 mm × 285 mm (L x W x H)
power AC 110 V (50 ~ 60 Hz)
software auto report generate and can analysis test data(like: Isc / Voc / Pmax)