PV Test Equipment
Perovskite indoor light simulator

Indoor Multi-Light source of Measurement System for PV Cell

The multi-light source measurement system is capable of execute I-V measurements by Real-Time One-Sweep Method (RTOSM), which not only removes the capacity effect but also meets the requirements of SEMI PV57-1214. The measurement process is controlled by designed program, thus the measured I-V curve, Pmax/Isc/Voc/… etc, could be exported automatically.

This system is applicable to DSSC/OPV/Perovskite measurements.
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  • Multi-Light Source included (D65/TL84/CWF/U30/A)
  • Adjustable Light intensity (Range from 0 to 2,500 lx)
  • Patented capacitor effect remove I-V test method: Real-Time one-Sweep method (RTOSM) (Meet SEMI PV57)
  • Supplied with UV Light Source for aging test
Model Name CMS-PV101
Light Source D65 / TL84 / CWF / U30 / A (Program Light intensity)
Uniformity < 2 % at 20 cm X 20 cm
Temporal instability < 2 %
Intensity Range 0 ~ 2,500 lx
Interface USB 2.0 / 3.0
Power AC 110 V (50 ~ 60 Hz)
Dimension 71 (L) x 53 (W) x 57 (H) cm
Software Real time removing capacitance effect with a Real-Time One-Sweep Method (RTOSM) (Meet SEMI PV57)
  1. TE Cooler Stage
  2. NoteBook PC