Drop Tester
Automatic Huge Drop Tester


Automatic Huge Drop Tester

Reliability & Photovoltaic (PV) Testing Equipment.
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  • Automatic drop testing, four column bases rise the specimen, the support arms clip the specimen from both sides, auto rise to test height and release for dropping.
  • Auto micro balance adjusts the test specimen.
  • To test huge specimen, weight up to 800 kg, dimension up to 1600mm width and 500mm deep. Extend no limitation for Huge dimension.
  • Support arm can be micro adjusted the inclination angle for unbalance drop, corner / edge / face….etc.
  • The base plate is cast made, high rigidity and no resonance structure.
  Item Specification Remark
1 Min. Specimen width 500mm  
2 Max. Specimen width 1,500mm >1,600mm
3 Max. Specimen Weight 800kg  
4 Test Height 150mm ~ 1,300mm >100
5 Angle of inclination for drop testing +6.4∘~ -7.2∘  
6 Machine Outside Dimension 2,200L x 2,050D x 2,250H mm  
7 Machine Weight 2,000 kg  
8 Console Dimension 600L x 500D x 1,060H mm  
9 Console Weight 75kg  
10 Power requirement AC 220V / 25A – 3Phase  
11 Pneumatic requirement 5 ~ 7kg/cm2