HAAS-2000 High Accuracy Array Spectrometer

HAAS-2000 High Accuracy Array Spectrometer

HAAS-2000 High Accuracy Array Spectrometer is a high-speed, high-accuracy array CCD-based spectrum radiometer, it features a fiber-optic port for all measurement adapter accessories from EVERFINE. HAAS-2000 is widely used for spectral measurement of LED, LED module, LED/LCD display, CFL, FL, CCFL, HID lamp, flash lamp, phosphor and so on.
  • Maximal Speed Up To ms
  • 0.3% Photometry Linearity
  • Up To 0.01mcd Sensitivity
  • 0.0015 X, Y Accuracy
  • 1.0 x 10 -4 Stray Light Level
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HAAS-2000 adopts the highest quality flat-field concave gratings and scientific-grade CCDs.  And by the Bandpassfilter Wheel Correcting Technique (BWCT), and stray light is largely reduced. And by the Spectrometer & Broadband radiometer/photometer Combined Technique (SBCT), the linear dynamic range of the HAAS-2000 can be up to 0.3% in 8 orders of magnitude.

Comprehensive software

All the functions and operations are controlled by software, and the measurable items include relative spectral power distribution, chromaticity coordinate (X, Y) and (u', v'), dominant wavelength, peak wavelength, FWHM, spectral purity, CCT, color rendering indices, red ratio, luminous flux (equipped with an integrating sphere), SDCM etc.