Dual-mirror and Dual-detector Photometer for LED luminance test
Feature Illustration
Absolutely stable The measured light source is kept in resting state for measurement and achieves the best stability work state, avoid from instability caused by movement.
Extremely wide dynamic range Reliable and easy-to-use onboard dual detector design, so that the 2M2D distribution photometer measurements can perform the capability of widest dynamic range and maximum sensitivity in detection.
Space saving Darkroom scale requirement is substantially lower than other rotating mirror distribution photometer; a clever dual-lens design has greatly reduced the space requirements of the darkroom.
High angle accuracy Simple driving way makes the 2M2D distribution photometer perform high angle precision.
No synchronizing problem Detector and the mirror rotate in the same rigid arm; which makes the reflection & reception in synchronization naturally; and successfully prevent the two-axis synchronization errors caused by of the other rotary-mirror-type distribution photometer and the vibration problem caused by synchronization.
Extremely low stray light The entire system runs in a relatively open/close space, making non-measurement light beam able to be spread to far side of the measurement; avoid the difficult that the stray light is easy to be reflected back to probe in a narrow space.
High measuring speed The measured light is stationary during measurement; the rotation around the light source can be driven only by a single driving mechanism; the simple driving makes a fast measurement possible under the same accuracy demanding.
Technical Document Format
Subfile name Description
*.GOS Far-side GO-R series luminance data
*.CIE CIE document format
*.CEN CEN document format
*.IES IESNA N. American standard format
*TM14 TM14 document format (British standard)
*.CIB CIBSE document format
*.EUT EULUMDAT document format (German standard)
Applicable to All Lighting Tests
Dual-detector, dual-mirror distribution photometer is a CIE C-γ istribution photometer system, which can measure intensity distribution of light on the C-plane and cone surface. Through different software we can realize CIE A-α, CIE B-β measurement, this tester is widely used in performing photometric test to LED lights, outdoor lights, indoor lights, road lights, floodlights, traffic lights, automobile lights and other lights.

Powerful Software Functions
The software has the following functions: light intensity data, effective light-emitting angle, beam angle, light intensity distribution chart, regional flux (table), lighting efficiency, total luminous flux, luminous flux on the radio, the radio flux, brightness distribution, utilization factor, brightness limit curve , glare levels, the maximum allowable distance-height ratio, probability curve of lamps, UGR value, equivalent illumination maps, equivalent light intensity maps, and effective average intensity curve.