Vibration Tester
Large-Displacement Low-Frequence Vibration System


Large-Displacement Low-Frequence Vibration System

TYPE: 9363-LN-100
ROTATION RATE:120 ~ 300 r.p.m

This tester is designed to assess the damage made to product packaging and internal objects caused from transporting environment; to discover the packaging flaw and product’s early failure from a long-term cumulative vibration fatigue; avoid man-made transporting damage and improve product’s reliability and quality of delivered products. With the use of high-performance foot absorber, the resonance effect to floor caused by the bounce test may be waived; and can reduce the pile’s destruction to industrial plants. Two displays can make comparative display on both frequency and rpm at the same time; thus no need to switch in order to read these two values. The dual-control mode of time accumulator and counter can avoid human error resulting from the conversion. Easy to operate; no need for complicate training program.
9363-LN-100 complies with international ISTA and ASTM specification on packaging & transportation bouncing test.
Equipment dimension 110 (W) x 120 (D) x 65(H) cm
Weight About 350 kg
Power requirement AC 220V 1f, 15A
Type of movement Driven by motor & cam
Platform size 100 x 100 cm
Platform material 3/4”wooden plate
Amplitude 25.4 mm / 1 inch
Speed limit 120 ~ 300 r.p.m
Frequency limit 2.00 ~ 5.00 Hz
Acting time 80min/single-cycle continuous run
Beating times 14500 beat/ single-cycle continuous run
Noise level <74 dB/5Hz/A weighted
Accuracy-holding condition Temperature: 23°C±5°C/RH: <80%RH(non-condensed)