Bullet:0.1~1.0 Kg
Pressure:30Kg/cm2 Max
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Included Bullet, Shut Structure, Pneumatic Storage Structure, Shooting Target, Safety Fence.
NO. Item Specification
1 Bullet
    1. Quantity: 5 pcs
    2. Weight: 0.5 kg, Diameter: 5cm ( included outside plastic-iron), Length: 32~40mm
    3. The bullet can be borne the maximum push force.
    4. The bullet didn’t toss in the gunshot of 5 meter.
    5. The bullet can be impacted repeatable.
    6. The bullet material can be the steel, wood, plastic, plastic-copper, aluminum, copper, lead.
2 Fire Machinery
    1. Quantity: 1 pc
    2. The bullet velocity over 100 m/sec
    3. Barrel length: 100 cm
    4. Emplacement fix the barrel and avoid the barrel change the angle while fire.
    5. High rigidity design the emplacement and gun mount.
    6. The emplacement to move on wheels.
3 Pneumatic Storage Machinery
    1. Quantity: 1 pc
    2. To be the source of shoot force.
    3. The max. air pressure: 40kg/cm^2
    4. Dimension: d295 (internal diameter d250) x 250L
    5. Automatic / Manual to leakage air pressure.
4 Target Machinery
  1. Quantity: 1 pc
  2. Included target body, suspension device, target base.
  3. Target base
    1. Size: d220 x T60mm
    2. First resonance frequency: > 1,000Hz
    3. The target base can be endured the repeatable
    4. impact, and the frequency response will not change.
    5. The impact back size: 50mm X 50mm
  4. The suspension device of target base
  5. To be a interface to fix the target body and base.
  6. The suspension device isolation shock response of the impact.
  7. Target base
    1. Size: 100x100x150H(cm)
    2. The target base link the emplacement have the high igidity.
5 Protect Fence
  1. Quantity: 1 pc
  2. The Fence set up between the fire machinery and target body, it can limit the bullet and other object over the fence. Fence Size: 5mX5mX2.5m
  3. We provide a box for storage.
6 Others
  1. We provide the tools for maintenance and take apart

Item Material
1 Steel
The normal bullet
2 Wood
Min. order: 5 pcs
3 Plastic
Hardness 70, 80, 90, 95 degree, the min. order 20 pcs
4 Plastic-Steel
Min. order: 5 pcs
5 Aluminum Alloy
Min. order: 5 pcs
6 Copper
Min. order: 1 pc
7 Lead
Min. order 50 pcs.


The target design
The pyroshock tester without target machinery
Remarks: all the specifications subject to change without notice.