PV Test Equipment
Wet Leakage Current Test

Wet Leakage Current Test

The outdoor solar module will endure the erosion of rain, fog, snow and sandstorm. To make sure that solar module will not wet leakage current accident and tolerate huge load pressure in such harsh conditions, we adopt wet leakage current to simulate the above weather conditions.

  1. The tester complies with 10.15 of IEC 61215:25000, 10.15 of IEC 61646:2008, and Test Specification MST17 of IEC 61730:2004.
  2. The max testing dimension is up to 2.2 m x 2.6 m.
  3. Equipped with mobile wheel, easily move the device to the required position, on arriving the required point you can set the testing equipment through fixing castor brake.

No. Item Specification Remark
1 Water Tank Size 320L x 260D x 25H cm
2 Tank’s Acrylic Plate Thickness 15mm
3 Cooling capacity 1 Refrigeration Ton Temperature: 23±2°C
4 Heating capacity Heating capacity Temperature: 23±2°C
5 Maximum testing size 260cm x 220cm
6 Power required 3-f AC 220V 25A