PV Test Equipment
4 in 1 Hail Tester

4 in 1 Hail Tester

As a fact that solar panels or related equipment are placed under direct sunlight outdoors without shelter, they are vulnerable to the effects of climate change causing aging and damage; such as when under hail strike, solar panels or equipment are easy to be damaged from hail hits.. This tester can simulate the impact of hail falling onto your products; and you can adjust the products to facilitate them with the best quality and reliability in the market.
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Hail Impact Tester
  • Complies with IEC 61215, IEC 61646 Hail Test Specification
  • Test application for Solar cell, LED module, LCD module, Outdoor panel
  • Air-fired hails, digital display, pressure adjustment, wired remote control
  • Laser positional instruction, X/Y axial manually adjustable
  • Two high-speed laser detection module, launching speed is 15~40 m/sec ±5%
  • The largest test size is 220 × 260cm, can be customized as request
  • Velocity sensor is around 50cm from the surface of testing module
Product Specification
  • Hail diameter:25.0 mm ±2% (adjustable)
  • Hail weight:7.53 g ±2%
  • Hail mold:12 pc/ set
  • Storage container:One set
  • Launching speed:15~40 m/sec ±5% (adjustable)
  • Launcher meas.:L400 x D 270 x H 267 cm
  • Launcher weight:850 kg
  • Power demand:AC 100~230V/2A 50-60Hz
  • Air demand:5 ~ 8 kg/cm2