PV Test Equipment
Damp-Heat Tester

Damp-Heat Tester

  1. Technical index:
    1. Power: 380V, 3-, 50/60HZ 110A
    2. Temperature range: 50°C~120°C
    3. Humidity range: 20%~95% RH
    4. Accuracy: 1) temperature ± 0.3°C;2) humidity ± 2.5% RH
    5. Uniformity: 1) temperature ± 2.0°C;2) humidity ± 3.0% RH
    6. Uniformity test: measured at T=85°C, RH=85%; set 9 points for temperature measurement and 2 points for humidity.
    7. Inner wall is above 50 cm; within 20 min after temperature/humidity meets the setting value, the distribution uniformity of temperature/humidity can meet the aforesaid requirement.

    1. Temperature descending speed (idle run): no less than 3°C/min. Temperature ascending speed (idle run): no less than 3°C/min.
    2. Sample load 400kg: temperature rise – no less than 2.0°C /min; in the range of -40°C ~ +85°C.
    3. Temperature down-no less than 2.0°C/min; in the range of -40°C ~ +85°C.
    4. Humidity: follow IEC 61646-10.12 to make wet refrigeration test; if temperature rises up for 100°C per minute, when 85°C is reached, wait for 10 min. and humidity shall reach 85%RH ± 5%RH.
    5. Dew point temperature range: 10°C to +85°C
    6. Test space: 200 x 250 x 280 (W x H x D) cm double door, outer chamber size: 220 x 290 x 430 (W x H x D) cm
    7. Accept customized order.
  1. Itemized Introduction
  2. Material Applied:
    1. Inner/outer wall materials: apply SUS#304 plate.
    2. Insulation material: imported high-strength PU foamed insulation material.
    3. Condensate-proof parts: use K-type tube’s heating energy and membrane-type electrical heatig wire to prevent condensate.
Control System: apply OYO U8256; the RS232 interface can connect to PC and perform setting of temperature curveand temperature recording during test run. The touch-type T.F.T. LCD digital PLC or equivalent can perform 1200-point mode. Refrigeration system: use imported power-saving closed-type compressor. Heating System: apply SUS304 fin-type heating tube to heat up. The temperature up/down and humidity up/down system are completely independent. Protection devices: use fuse-free protection switch; equipped with pressure and explosion protection devices. Airflow circulating system: apply multi-blade fan, sealed-type motor, vertical proliferation, horizontal air-exchange and curved air circulation. Attachments:
  1. Double-layer high-pressure, low-temperature-resistant silicon packing
  2. An external-connected test hole
  3. Vacuum glass window inserted with fog-removing wires
  4. Isolated-type PL-style high-luminance lighting
  5. A set of RO pure water system; 1/4"; 1.5L/min.
Water Demanding: 30-ton cooling towers or chilled water unit; water temperature is less than 70C; 30L/min. Water Supply and Return Pipe Diameter: 2” hard PVC