PV Test Equipment
Robustness of Terminations Tester

Robustness of Terminations Tester

  1. Cable test length is 450mm.
  2. Pull the leading wire by 4.08kg in 170 o of angle.
  3. X-axle: from 170o right swinging to 170o left.
  4. Y-axle: from 170o up swinging to 170o down.
  5. Z-axle: pull at 170 o and spin.
  1. Tester: 2080W (can be extended to 3070) x 2020Hmm aluminum rack: table surface is padded by slip-stop pad.
  2. Air-electrical combination torque mechanism: pneumatic pump: 1hp; air pressure: 6kg/cm2; circuit & pneumatic control system.
  3. Torque control system: left, right & front spinning motor; positioning and rotating arm.
  4. Tension force corrector: pneumatic cylinder and torque meter.
  5. Accept customized order.
Technical Index:
  1. Voltage: 220VAC,50Hz
  2. Current: 5A
  3. Air pressure: 6kg/cm2
  4. Tester: 2,080W (can be extended to 3070) x 2,020Hmm
  5. Test module dimension: 2,600mm x 2,200mm, adjustable.
  6. Wiring:
    6-1. Test length: 450mm
    6-2. Wire size: Ø 6mm
    6-3. Pull in the direction of 17o respective to horizontal plane.
  7. Pull force: 4.08kg ± 5%
  8. Tension force corrector: pneumatic cylinder and torque meter.