PV Test Equipment
Bypass Diode Thermal Test System

Bypass Diode Thermal Test System

1. Power: the heating board control panel uses 220V single-phase power.
2. Power consumption: 1.0KVA, 1000W(Max)
3. Volt: 220VAC
4. Current: 4.5A
5. Heating board: one controller per board
6. Power rate: room temperature raise to 75°C± 5°C within one minute.
7. Heating board dimension: 500mm x 1,000mm
8. 6-sheet electrical heating boards test: used to test the 2,200mm x 2,600mm module. It can be customer-designed.
9. The length of board power cable and thermal sensor cable shall exceed 3,000mm.
10. To get uniform heating effect, the electrical board is sandwiched by 2mm aluminum sheets at both sides of board.
11. Put two thermal sensors at the connection point of heating board and aluminum sheets and connect them to the heating board controller.
12. No deforming or quality-degrading condition occurred on the heating board: after installation and heated to 80°C and hold for two hours, repeat to run for 10 times with at least 30 minutes interval between two tests; use temperature meter to test the heating temperature, temperature is controlled at 80°C,± 5°C.
13. 20mm insulation board.
14. Software System:
  • Control heating and temperature.
  • Control and monitor power.
  • Get temperature value from each bypass diode.
  • Sense temperature and make coefficient comparison through junction diode.
  • Pass/fail judging.