PV Test Equipment
Module Breakage Tester

Module Breakage Tester

  1. Destruction System Hardware:
    1. est rack system: support, shielding cover, crane & fixed wall.
    2. Hit bag: FRP bag; 45kg of No.7.5 lead pills; hook, sleeve and hoisting ring.
    3. Attachment: electronic scale, stopwatch, digital caliper

  1. Technical Index:
    1. Test rack dimension is 370cm x 240cm x 350cm; sufficient to install the 260cm x 220cm x 200cm test module and run test. Accept customized order.
    2. Test rack: made by a20 I-beam; coated by paint.
    3. Rack earthing: need 12mmx8 round holes to install anchor bolts.
    4. Test module fixing rack is made by two 2500mm 80x80mm standard aluminum beam in transverse direction; fixed on the I-beam of test surface by specific right-angle fixer; about 300mm above floor. The workable vertical space is about 2300mm; there are 2x2600mm aluminum beams installed in longitudinal direction and fixed by specific right-angle fixer on the transverse aluminum beam; the width is adjustable per test requirement.
    5. The impactor diameter at the bottom is about 200mm, tapered to the opening of about 35mm in diameter. The impactor is a catabash bag with lead pills enclosed; the total height is 330mm.
    6. Inside the impactor it is supported by 10mmx370mm screw rods, using two 76mmx5mmt metal washers to fix the bag bottom; the washers are fastened by 2x10mm nuts above and below it. The screw end is locked by eye-hole nut; above the eye-hole nut it is a 32mm metal sleeve located at the bag’s opening, fixed by two 10mmf nut above and below it. Use screw pipe clamp to clip the opening on the sleeve. The finished space between bag opening and bottom is 330mm. eye-hole nut is locked on top of screw rod, 75mm away from the bag opening.
    7. Impactor is suspended on the test rack by 3mm standard steel cord; the fixing point in the test rack shall be adjustable to adjust the distance between impactor and test module. When the impactor is stationary, the maximum distance away from the test surface is 13mm.
    8. The distance between the gravity center of impactor and the cord’s hanging point is 1,525mm.
    9. The impactor is a catabash bag with No.7.5 lead pills enclosed
    10. The impactor is covered by three rolls of 13mmx165m fiber tape from the diagonal line to cover the entire bag by overlapping.
    11. Use 3mm Y-cord to connect the upper and lower portion of impactor. The wire-terminal is equipped with round steel ring able to withstand at least 80kg; for the connection of quick-release hook.
    12. The crane capacity for impactor shall be greater than 100kg; with at least two speeds control switch powered by 220V. The crane is installed at rear part of test rack’s upper beam. The cord diameter shall be greater than 3mm. the cord goes through the upper beam of test rack to rack’s front; and falls down by pulley and connects to the impactor’s dragging cable through the quick-release hook.
    13. The quick-release hook shall be able to withstand at least 80kg load; the releasing pin diameter is connected by 2mm or above nylon cord; the nylon length shall exceed 3000mm.
    14. After hooking the impactor, the crane’s steel cord shall be able to rise the gravity center of impactor up to 1300mm in maximum.
    15. Use the impactor to impact the specimen at the height of 1220mm repeatedly for 10 times.
    16. After test is complete, the test rack shall not be deformed or welding path cracked.
    17. It shall meet the specification specified in manufacturer’s engineering drawings.
    18. mpactor’s material: FRP bag

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