PV Test Equipment
Class AAA Steady State Solar Simulator

Class AAA Steady State Solar Simulator

  • Lamp average life 25,000 hours (We offer 1 year warranty including lamps)!
  • Spectrum Mis-match Class A, without filter!
  • Irradiance almost no decay within 10,000 hours!
  • Spectrum maintains stable during power adjustment!
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Light Engine Features
  • Steady State Illumination
  • Electrode Discharge Light Engine
  • Long Life > 25,000 Hours
  • Spectrum meet IEC 60904-9 class A, w/o filter
  • Spectrum & uniformity almost no change once irradiance adjusted
  • Irradiance decay < 8% after 10,000 hrs
  • High Efficient
  • Power dissipation: 1kw/per lamp
  • Limited space demand
  • Expansion is easy
  • System control and data collection can be exercised by web base
  • ECO- Friendly
Spectrum Mismatch comply with IEC-60904-9 class A
System Customized