PV Test Equipment
Dynamic Mechanic Loading Tester

Dynamic Mechanic Loading Tester

  • Complies with IEC 61646, IEC 61215 mechanical load test specification.
  • Air pressure is adjustable, output range is from 2400pa to 5400pa ±5% .
  • Maximum measurement range: 220 x 260 cm.
  • Apparatus structure material:aluminum-extruded.
  • Fixtures and holders can be customized design for requirement of testing module.
  • Manual operation is simple; manual maintenance is easy.
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Mechanical Load Tester
  • Each pneumatic cylinder with a vacuum sucker, pressure is adjustable, minimum pulling force is 2400pa
  • Loading force is delivered to 12 vacuum suckers through crossbars and pillars
  • Each vacuum sucker is equipped with a vacuum level indicator
  • Each cylinder acts pulling force up to 45kg between sucker and glass
  • The distance of sucker-to-sucker is adjustable within 120mm ~ 400mm
  • The angle of sucker is adjustable within 15° between joint and arm
  • The angle of pneumatic cylinder is rotatable within 15° between cylinder and crossbar
  • Maximum pressure per set > 6 bar
  • Maximum output per set > 300 kg
  • Maximum stroke:150 mm
  • Cylinder number:12 cylinders in three sets
  • Disc diameter:120 mm
  • Calibrator:350 kg × 4
  • Outline dimension of rack:L 60 × D 60 × H 140 cm
  • Outline dimension of apparatus:L 360 × D 250 × H 185 cm
  • Weight:1200 kg
  • Power demand:1Φ 220V ±10%
  • Air source demand:0.6 mpa
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