PV Test Equipment
UV Aging System

UV Aging System

  1. Comply with IEC 61215, IEC 61646 UV Preconditioning Test Specification
  2.  Radiation intensity is linear adjustable; the intensity deviation is guaranteed within ±15% on the testing surface
  3.  Test cabinet is equipped with timer controller in a time range of 0~9999 hr, as well as time accumulating and power-shutdown data-saving ability
  4.  Using the standard PT-100 membrane thermo-transmitter to accurately control temperature in testing process
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No. Item Specification
1 Effective radiation area 250×150 cm (adjustable)
2 Radiation uniformity ±15% (to specimen’s surface)
3 Temperature control precision ±2.0%
4 Center-to-center distance between light tubes 70mm
5 Distance away light 50~200mm adjustable
6 Temperature resolution 0.1°C
7 Light-exposed temperature range RT+5~80°C/allowance ±5°C
8 Environment 5~35°C low RH/300mm away from wall
9 Temperature control PID SSR
10 Box inner size L 200 × D 400 × H 200 cm
11 Weight 1200kg
12 Power demand AC 220V±5% 50/60Hz 30A