Shock Tester
High-acceleration shock tester


High-acceleration shock tester

The precise-type high-acceleration shock tester can provide all half-sine short wave specification specified in JESD22-B110. To meet them, merely change different shock rubber-pad on shock seat. The wave is complete with high repeatability, able to provide user accurate test result.
Conform to different test specs such as JESD22-B110 and IEC spec.
High repeatability on consecutive shock; acceleration +/- 10%; run time +/- 15%; speed deviation +/- 10%.
Table’s four corner-points uniformity P160mm +/- 10%.
Can add spring system to reach the requirement of extra high acceleration specification.
Using high-efficiency vibration-absorbing seat pad can block out possible floor resonance and protect the factory structure.
Easy in operation; no complicate training course required.
Module shock rubber-pads are applied per different standards independently. And the rubber-pad lifetime can be prolonged.
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While a non-repetitive mechanical shock environment is encountered, find out the mechanical weakness and decay of specific functions. Basically simulate the consequence of random shock possibly encountered during transporting or operation process. While running a shock test, normally fix the specimen on fixture or testing table; wave model frequently selected per specification is the half-sine wave.
Table Size (mm2) 180x180
Table Weight (kgw) 25
Peak load (kgw) 20
Shortest Acting Time(mS ) 0.3
Peak acceleration (g ) 2900
Maximum Acting Displacement (mm) 900
LxWxH (cm) 101x50x270
Required Voltage Supply 220V, 3Φ, 16A
Required Air Pressure Supply(kg/cm2) 6
Shock Specification JESD22-B110, IEC
Shock Acceleration(gn) Staying Time (mS) Speed-change Rate (△V cm/s)
2900 0.3 543
2000 0.4 505
1500 0.5 467


0.7 386
500 1 316
340 1.2 254
200 1.5 187
100 2 122