Shock Tester
Shock/Bump Multifunctional Tester


Shock/Bump Multifunctional Tester

Shock or bump test mainly simulate the impact effects of product and its components encountered in usage and transit process. Through standard and high-reproducibility instant energy exchange, you can analyze the product ability to tolerate the strong external stress and the degradation of structural weaknesses to quickly obtain the data of structure strength, anti-shock appearance and anti-drop. Shock tester is one of destructive experiments, and do destructive test on the product to evaluate the product reliability and monitor the consistency of production line.
Operation Mode Air
Max. Load 30kg
Shock Height 25~450mm
Bump Height 25~120mm
Continuous 999,999
Max Shock Rate 20 pulse/min
Max Bump Rate 120 pulse/min
Pulse Duration 2~30mS
Peak Acceleration 5-200g
Shock Wave Half sine
Table Size 450x600/600x600 mm
Weight 1400kg
Size(L*W*H) 962 x 785 x 1610 mm
Power System 100-240V / 1Φ / 2A
Air 6kg/cm2
Measure System(choose) KD-1200-SM1,TP3,Rt Pro(可依需求選配)
Standard IEC68-2-27,IEC68-2-29,GB2423.5,JB/T9391-1999,GJB-150,GJB-360,JJG-498-87