Vibration Tester
E.S.S(Environmental Stress Screening)

E.S.S(Environmental Stress Screening)

E.S.S system could find most potential and hiding defects earlier by checking the physical property of allmaterials and components, and make use of their nature response under Environmental Stress. Through our screening will to pick out all potential and hiding defects in advance and improving the product's reliability inling. It benefits the manufacturer and customer mutually.

The beneficial result of E.S.S:

.Reduce the ration of break down of your product
.Upgrade your product's reliability and Mean time between failure (MTBF)
.Save your cost in manufacturing and overhaul
.Shortening the time consuming and enhancing engineering reliability while new product in Research / Development

Special fixture of E.S.S system for the in-line testing of P.C mother board