KING DESIGN is the expert in the field of Vibration, shock, and the environment test Equipment; since 1983 King Design has established the technique knowledge in the field and won many enterprises' confidence and support. The brief features of King Design's service provided are listed as follows: Equipment Sales Service, CNLA Laboratory Service, Vibration Diagnostic and Structure improvement consultant, Environment Stress Screen (ESS).

Vibration Tester

Vibration Tester is one of our main products, featuring its high quality and excellent performance. KING DESIGN is committed to our long-term strategy of continuously releasing innovative Vibration Tester and offering machinery & industrial supplies solutions in a global market together with our partners. Having a question about KING DESIGN or want to know more details about Vibration Tester? Email or call our Sales Support Team about your questions before purchasing.

E.S.S(Environmental Stress Screening)

E.S.S system could find most potential and hiding defects earlier by checking the physical property of allmaterials and components, and make use of their nature response under Environmental Stress. Through our screening will to pick out all potential and hiding defects in advance and improving the product's reliability inling. It benefits the manufacturer and customer mutually.


Multifunctional Vibration System

Vibration testing is applied to confirm the reliability and screen out of the non-performing products prior to ship out of the factory; and to assess the non-performing failure analysis;expecting to become high standard, high reliability products.


Standard Electromagnetic Vibrator

The purpose of vibration testing is to make a series of controllable vibration simulation in lab, no matter generated by natural or man-made vibration environment; such as waves, tidal flaps, wind, earthquake or rain and so on. It is to test if the product is capable of sustaining the vibration environment exerted from transporting or usage along its effective life cycle; and certify the standard of design & functional requirement of product. The value of vibration testing is to confirm the reliability of products and effectively screen out the bad products in factory; avoiding damages occurred at arrival; and to assess the failure analysis on the non-performing products; expecting to reach a high standard, high-reliability products. The vibration test stresses on the continuity and fatigue; and contributes to the understanding of product’s status under vibration circumstance in a normal environment; and avoids the product’s unpredictable damage caused under certain vibrating frequency for a long time.


Large-Displacement Low-Frequence Vibration System

TYPE: 9363-LN-100
ROTATION RATE:120 ~ 300 r.p.m


Press-type Vibration Tester

This machine complies with the IEC, JIS and other 5-100Hz low-frequency specifications; applied to test the post-assembly products at end of the production line. Use resonance amplification, the product’s flaws can be screened out in advance. The operation is convenient, fast and effective. Apply Japan-imported motor; durable and safe in operation. Bellow-type damper: use special damping material that can effectively absorb vibration; allowing the test to be performed without affecting floor structure. Motor drive system is embedded in the seat; good in vibration block-out; rigidity is strong. Follow specimen to design fixture.

MD analyzer

MD Analyzer
Product Function
Operation Display
Use knot and SET.ESC-SW to choose menu
USB memory/printer communication port

No voltage A contact, contact capacity
Only less than 1 A 30 VDC or 0.5 A125 VAC resistive load
Instant Disconnection
DC 12 V±10%1A/100mA /10mA±10%
100mA: 5~500±10%
10mA: 50~5kΩ±10%0.1us~99.9us


Transportation Vibration Simulator

Transportation vibration simulator is mainly used to check the product encountered in various vibration environmental of manufacture, assemble and install, transit and usage process. Especially all types of transportation vehicle. Common transport is road, railway, sea, air, etc.
To identify whether the product have the anti-vibration capability to endure transportation environment and avoid arrival damage and harm the company reputation. It also can analyze the specimen structure and study its dynamic character.

KD-9363EM-Analysis shaker

Modal Analysis Shaker

This machine can test the structural properties of materials, manual fine-tuning vibration frequency can perform single-point resonance search and presence; after shaking, capture resonance excitation modal analysis data for future use.
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