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Drop Tester

In order to achieve maximum client satisfaction, we offer the entire range of Drop Tester at market leading price range. Also, Drop Tester is the most high-performance option in machinery & industrial supplies. We have a team of efficient quality inspectors who make sure our products are manufactured as per the excellent standards. Having a question about KING DESIGN or want to know more details about Drop Tester? Email or call our Sales Support Team about your questions before purchasing.


Air-arm-type Drop

All new developing products must undergo several strict testing processes while in designing, manufacturing and packing/ shipping even. Our drop tester will provide data digitizing and analyzing of your drop and striking while the products in transportation. The testing data will help you improve the packing and buffer materials.
Packaged drop test is applied to test the anti-vibration & covering capability of packaging material and the sufficiency of product’s impact-resisting capability regarding packaged products. And use the test result to determine how to improve the packaging design. Free drop test is used to assess the characteristics of product’s free fall from improper actions; and evaluate the required strength and toughness of product under safety conditions.
Repeated free fall test is to simulate object’s condition after normal fall to hard surface.


Heavy-load pallet drop tester KD-500

To evaluate impact effects of shock, drop and tumble encountered in repair and handling process, so do the safety strength assessment.

The general drop test is against bottom, angle, edge and tumble. According to related specifications you can lift one side of the product by angle to make it drop freely.


Small Objective Drop Tester

▲Customized order ▲Control cabinet panel

  1. 可依用戶需求訂製其他尺寸台面
  2. 標準型推力為200 kgF,可選購至1,600 kgF

KD 688 A

Drop Tester

  • PLC control, linear motor fast speed control the height setting.
  • Alarm warning before testing.
  • Light support structure decreases the test impact.
  • Support dropping very smooth with dual lubrication guide.
  • No second impact.
  • A data acquisition for the impact wave record (Option).
  • Non maintenance request for continue operation.
  • According to ISTA, ASTM .....etc international standard.
  • Equipped edge & corner holder.

KD-208 A

Small Objective Drop Tester

▲Customized order ▲Control cabinet panel


Drop Tester

Drop tester is applied to test the anti-vibration, covering-protection capability of packaging material, or product’s impact-resisting capability to determine the improvement parts of related packing design, material and structure. It contribute to promote the packing material and product’ strength.
According to the result of packing drop test, you can judge whether the product has reach the required strength encountered in future. Through doing the drop testing of product independently, you’ll know its affordability to withstand external impact and assess the damage.


Automatic Huge Drop Tester

Reliability & Photovoltaic (PV) Testing Equipment.
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